First Nations Land Management Act (Land Code)

Sakimay First Nations is developing a Land Code in accordance with the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management.  The Framework Agreement is an initiative to opt out of the land management sections of the Indian Act and become responsible for the management and control of reserve lands and resources. The Framework Agreement sets out the principal components of this new land management process.

Sakimay First Nations has completed the pre-screening process and has signed the adhesion document.  Sakimay First Nations is in the “developmental phase” of the process.

A First Nation in the developmental phase has 24 months to complete all the steps set out in the Implementation Document, which includes, among other activities, the development of their Land Code and the negotiation of their Individual Agreement with Canada.  The process to prepare the Land Code will include engagement with Band Members.

Both documents must be approved by the First Nation through a community ratification vote, as outlined in the Framework Agreement. The ratification vote includes participation by all eligible or registered band members aged 18 years or older.

More information about the First Nations Land Management Act process can be found here: https://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1367432545445/1367432634043#chp4 and at https://labrc.com/framework-agreement/