Treaty Land Entitlement FAQ


What is the Treaty Land Entitlement Frame-Work Agreement?

The 1992 TLE Framework Agreement provides the terms for settling outstanding claims for reserve land shortfall under the terms of Treaty. The TLE Framework Agreement contains these basic principles:

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  • The equity formula enables a First Nation to increase its reserve land based on current population
  • The compensation can be used for the purchase of land and Band Development (such as infrastructure projects)
  • No Per Capita Distribution is allowed under the TLE Framework Agreement
  • Financial Compensation is based on the the Cost Per Acre amount multiplied by the Equity Acres
  • Safeguards are built in to the TLE Framework Agreement to ensure that Shortfall Acres are achieved
  • The First Nation provides a full and final release to Canada for all claims and litigation arising from the shortfall in reserve land set aside under Treaty

If you have not received the information and ballot package, please contact the Ratification Officer, Joyce Woolhether at 1(306)501-4620 or joyce.woolhether@isc-sac-gc-ca OR Shannon Sangwais at 1(306)451-7404 or

Important Dates:

Online Voting begins on January 31, 2022

Final day to vote online or in person is March 28, 2022

If you are returning your ballot by mail, please send it on or before March 21, 2022

Qu'Appelle Valley
North side of Qu’Appelle Valley looking south toward Zagimē Anishinabēk reserve land

TLE Ratification Vote Eligibility:

To be eligible to vote on the TLE Ratification settlement, an individual MUST be on the Zagimē Anishinabēk Membership List.

If you are not on the Membership List, but on the Indian Registry List, please contact Ken Acoose, the Zagimē Anishinabēk Membership Code Administrator at 1-306-451– 8033 or, to discuss how you would transfer from the Indian Registry List to the Zagimē Anishinabēk Membership List.

Receiving a Stipend

Every voter who votes by mail-in ballot, by hand delivering their ballot to a Deputy Ratification Officer, by voting online through One Feather, or by voting in-person on March 28, 2022, will receive a stipend.

The stipend will be issued to a voter, either through electronic funds transfer, or by cheque after it has been verified by a Deputy Ratification Officer that a member has voted.

Updating Your Mailing Address, Phone and Email:

It is very important that every member keeps their contact information up-to-date.

If there has been a change in your contact information, please call or email Shannon Sangwais at 1-306-451-7404 or, as soon as possible in order to receive a TLE Ratification information package and ballot.